Channel Islands

The Marsden Group has a long established and well respected offshore practice.  We work with the major offshore firms who typically like to recruit lawyers who have gained training and experience with the leading UK, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and South African as well as those who have worked with other leading off shore firms.

The Market

Located in the English Channel, close to the Normandy coast of France, Jersey and Guernsey are beautiful islands that offer a calm and high quality life style.  You will receive high calibre work and an attractive remuneration package but without the city environment that usually goes with them.
The legal market here is dominated by a number of highly reputable key firms and, for the purposes of lawyers wanting to relocate to the Channel Islands, the main interest will be in those with top quality experience in the financial services industry, including corporate, finance and trusts.  The quality of work on offer is excellent, and will mainly be of an international nature.  Most of the lawyers practising there have spent significant time abroad with leading City or international firms.


Salaries tend to be a little lower than the top City of London rates but are very competitive when you take into consideration the significantly lower rate of tax (capped at 20%).  You will also receive relocation assistance and bonuses.


Work permits for the Channel Islands are generally not required for UK or Commonwealth citizens, but otherwise sponsorship will be required and the employer will assist in this respect.


If you do not need rights of audience before the courts then re-qualification will not be required but may be something you want to consider if you planning to stay long-term. For both islands, the re-qualification process requires a set working period to be completed there and exams to be taken afterwards.


There are numerous leisure activities on offer, especially water sports and other outdoor pursuits.    There are frequent flights to the mainland UK and elsewhere from both islands, as well as many ferry connections to the UK and France, so getting around is easy.  They are both attractive locations for families and you will typically enjoy a very good work/life balance.

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