Post Offer

Considering your offers is, of course, the fun part. Before accepting or rejecting anything, take a moment to consider the situation:
  • determine what's important to you. Make sure the remuneration, career opportunities, benefits, firm culture and so on are appropriate for you. Seek advice from your recruiter, mentors and friends.
  • keep the long-term view. When negotiating, consider the long-term prospects on offer and whether those prospects fit with your own long-term plans. Don't focus simply on the here and now.
  • be upfront about multiple offers. Disclosing interest from other parties quite often has a snowball effect and, if handled diplomatically, can work to your advantage.
  • consider the offer carefully but efficiently. We have seen cases where, due to inordinate delay, employers have retracted offers of employment.
  • don't burn bridges. The legal community is small, so it’s in your best interests to give respectful notice, dictate detailed transfer memos, provide specifics on your new contact details and advise other recruiters and prospective employers of your decision.