Steven J. Rapkin
Toronto: +1 416 364 5055

Steven  brings 20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer on Bay Street to the legal recruitment arena. As an articling student, associate and  partner for 12 years at McCarthy Tètrault LLP, Steven has witnessed the growth of the Canadian market for legal services, both domestically and internationally.  As a result, he is keenly aware of the competing needs of both lawyers and law firms in this rapidly changing environment.  For seven years, Steven managed the careers of over  60 associates in McCarthy ‘s Toronto corporate group and in that capacity gained an insider’s appreciation for the issues involved in the hiring, training, retention and promotion of legal talent generally. Steven is excited by the prospect of applying the lessons learned to assisting law firms in building stronger teams to serve their clients and to advising lawyers, including both associates and partners, in matching their talents to the optimal legal setting.