The Interview

If you have prepared well, you will be able to enter the interview with confidence. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • the interview starts as soon as you enter the building. Be polite, courteous and professional with everybody you meet – the views of a security guard or receptionist may well influence the interview process.
  • aim to arrive fifteen minutes early. Take a few minutes to relax and prepare, and announce yourself five minutes before the scheduled time.
  • get a good night’s sleep the night before.
  • if you smoke – avoid having a cigarette beforehand. The smell may give a bad impression.
  • avoid excessive usage of caffeine before an interview. Your adrenalin will be pumping already.
  • greet your interviewer with a firm, but not excessively strong, handshake.
  • keep eye contact with your interviewers. In a group situation don’t focus on just one interviewer even if that person is the most senior.
  • be yourself – but maintain a professional demeanour.
  • think before you answer a question but don’t ponder too long.
  • if you’re asked a question requiring a long answer, forewarn the interviewer and break the answer down into various parts.
  • don’t give yes or no answers.
  • don’t let yourself be bullied in an interview. Prepare to fight back on issues if need be – the interviewer may be testing your strength of character.
  • try and match your interviewer’s body language.