The most immediate attractions of working in an offshore jurisdiction such as Cayman, BVI or Bermuda, in addition to the obvious remuneration aspect, are the lifestyle aspects - the fantastic climate (literally all year round hot summer weather in Cayman and BVI, and only marginally less idyllic in Bermuda); having only a short (or very short) commute to work; the ability to live either right on the doorstep of a beautiful beach, or else very close to it; an abundance of water sports in crystal clear ocean waters; multifarious onshore outdoor sports activities in sun-drenched weather; all in beautiful surroundings  and with a large ready-made English-speaking professional expat community to quickly welcome you into your new life on island when you get out and about at the various bars and restaurants.

This unique combination of factors offered by island life means that working and living offshore has become a very attractive prospect for many City lawyers, in particular for those lawyers with a family, although many single lawyers also report having had (or are still having !) a very enjoyable time working offshore.