What effect will moving offshore have on my career?

Moving offshore does not preclude the possibility of a return to practice in the City at a later date. For a start, all of the major offshore firms now have offices in London where they offer both a Cayman and BVI law service (and Bermuda law, for those who also have offices in Bermuda).

With regard to moving back into a major UK or US law firm, these firms instruct the major offshore firms and so are familiar with them and the quality of the work that they do, and thus opportunities will exist there also.

In addition, the possibility will also exist to go and work for a major offshore firm in another major onshore location such as Hong Kong (all the major offshore firms have an office there now) or Singapore or even Dublin.

In reality, a lot of lawyers who move offshore find that they enjoy the experience so much that they either continue working for many years on the island they moved to initially and end up settling down there, or else they move to another offshore jurisdiction for a change of scenery, having caught the offshore bug.

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